Navigating your early career with AEG

By Bodie McCosby – AEG Early Career Ambassador ’22-‘23

Navigating the first stages of your career can be a daunting endeavor. What will the first year look like? What should you expect in terms of industry standards, best practices, compensation and benefits? What even is there to do with a geology degree? The steps into your career in environmental and engineering geology are many and varied. But fear not, for if you have found yourself reading this, rest assured that you are in the right place. Whether you are a student, a recent graduate, or a transplant from a related or entirely different field, the Association of Environmental and Engineering Geologists (AEG) is the ideal home base to guide you through your early career needs.

AEG’s members are knowledgeable and passionate about their practice in geology. Our members come from various backgrounds, so it is likely you will meet many folks who have valuable experiences to share.

AEG’s chapters tailor their activities to best serve their members so you can be sure that you are getting relevant and valuable information for your local area. These local connections are essential to building your network and professional relationships which can turn into career and professional development opportunities. Student and local chapter meetings are also great places to meet and build relationships with other early career members. These relationships will help you grow your practice in geology and become a part of a meaningful community.

Other services AEG provides include job and career advice panels, ASBOG test strategy webinars, and networking opportunities at AEG regional and association wide meetings. These are great resources when starting your career as a geologist and can give you some direction that will help you identify and find a practice area that you are passionate about. If you would like additional direction or have questions about what is valuable in your early career; reach out to me or your local chapter! You can also join the Student and Young Professional Support Committee to curate options for early career members throughout the association. AEG is eager to serve its members and we are always looking for new ideas on how to best do that.

AEG and its members uphold a high standard of practice within the practice of geology. By attending AEG events and meetings, you can be sure that you are getting the latest and greatest information. Again, what makes AEG a strong and relevant organization is our members. These members (including yourself) are passionate about their work and eager to share their experience and knowledge with their colleagues. As an early career professional access to information is paramount to your success. In your first few working years, you will encounter problems and work on projects that you may not have even known existed. Starting your career in environmental and engineering geology can be overwhelming, rely on your fellow AEG members to help guide you through new situations and challenging problems. It may be a new topic to you, but it is likely that someone in the organization is an expert in that area.

If you can only have one takeaway from this post, please remember AEG offers the opportunity for early career professionals to have an accessible and relevant support system. The practice of geology is complex and nuanced. From changing subsurface and site conditions, ASBOG examination study strategies and tactics, to professional ethics in a subjective field, AEG stands to serve as your career home base.

Reach the Early Career Ambassador: [email protected]

To become involved with the Student and Young Professional Support Committee contact our Association Manager [email protected] or myself.

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