State of the Association - April 3, 2020 (Members Only)

RCRA Requirements for Hazardous Waste Land-Based Units - April 16, 2020

State of AEG followed by the GEER 2010 Darfield New Zealand Earthquake Investigation - May 6, 2020

Applied Geology is an "Essential" Profession - May 19, 2020


Available webinar topics for Chapters:

Naturally Occurring Asbestos - Sarah Kalika

Why Join a Professional Society? - Dave Fenster

Post-Earthquake Investigations in the Eastern United States - Dave Fenster

Why is Applied Geology Important for Critical Facility Siting? - Dave Fenster

Blasting Techniques in Civil Projects - Bill Godwin

GEER 2010 Darfield New Zealand Earthquake Investigation - Bill Godwin

State of AEG/Hazardous Waste Management - Cynthia Palomares

Overview of the Earthquake Hazards and Earthquake Risks of the Central US - Phyllis Steckel

Adaptive Mine Reclamation Case Studies and the Role of the Engineering Geologist - David Bieber, P.G.

Engineering Geology Applied in the Mining Industry - David Bieber, P.G.

Environmental and Engineering Geology in Areas of Mined Ground - David Bieber, P.G.

One Person, Multiple Careers: The Variety of Jobs an Engineering Geologist Can Have - David Bieber, P.G.