Environmental Characterization and Remediation

The Environmental Technical Working Group disseminates information to the membership on regulations, regulatory guidance, and methods of investigation and remediation of soil/sediment, ground water and surface water impacted by releases of petroleum products, chemicals, mining wastes and naturally occurring contaminants such as asbestos and radon. Activities include providing information to the practitioners, public, and educators on the importance of geology in protecting the health, safety, and welfare of the public and the ecosystem from environmental contamination. The Environmental Technical Working Group activities include:

  • Quarterly conference call to pursue upcoming actions
  • Providing input to local, state, or federal regulators
  • Organizing AEG's Environmental Symposia, Professional Forums and Field Trips

Co-Chairs:  Loren Lasky & Patty Bryan


  • Establish a protocol for environmental symposia at AEG’s annual meeting, with the goal of bringing together environmental practitioners from across the country to the AEG annual meeting, such that AEG is the “go to” professional organization for geologists practicing in the environmental field.
      • have a quarterly conference call or email exchange to pursue upcoming actions and plan for the coming Action Plan submission;
      • provide an annual NEWS article for a specific NEWS issue from the TWG;
      • have a topic specific symposium at the Annual Meeting annually to once in every three years;
      • promote major papers to be published in the Journal from among its group’s members or others knowledgeable about the practice;
      • review an important book or recognize an important article in the Insider;
      • cite the Journal’s papers in other publications and the NEWS; and,
      • conduct a regional or technical specialty or Shlemon conference, or a Professional Forum once every four years.

Contact the Coordinator of Working Groups Chair or AEG headquarters to get involved.