2019-2020 AEG President

 Cynthia Palomares


Cynthia D. Palomares is currently an Adjunct Instructor for the Texas A&M University Texas Engineering Extension Service in College Station, TX.  As an adjunct instructor, Ms. Palomares conducts training courses for environmental professionals for certification of Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response.  Prior to her work as an adjunct Instructor, Ms. Palomares was a Project Manager for the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality in Austin Texas from 1993 to her retirement in 2016.  As a project manager in the Industrial & Hazardous Waste Permits Section, Ms. Palomares reviewed and evaluated hazardous waste permit applications, compliance reports and notices of waste management activities for both regulatory and technical completeness to ensure compliance with applicable hazardous waste, radioactive waste and Texas Risk Reduction Program rules and regulations.  In addition, Ms. Palomares was a member of the Waste Permits Division Disaster Response team and was also a project manager for RCRA Authorization rule projects that adopt EPA hazardous waste amendments into Texas Administrative Code regulations.  Prior to her position as a project manager in the I&HW Permits Section, Ms. Palomares conducted technical reviews and processed applications for underground injection control (UIC) and insitu leachate uranium mining facilities in the UIC/Radioactive Waste Section of the TCEQ.  Prior to employment with the TCEQ, Ms. Palomares was employed as a staff scientist for Westinghouse Hanford Company in Richland, Washington for 3 years.  


Ms. Palomares earned both a Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Engineering Geology from Texas A&M University in College Station, TX.  She is both a Licensed Professional Geologist and Licensed Professional Engineer in Texas. 

History with AEG

Ms. Palomares joined AEG in 1986 as a student member of the Lone Star student chapter at Texas A&M University.  In 1990, she was awarded the “Best Student Presentation Award” at the Texas Section Spring Meeting. In 2011, she was awarded the “Floyd T. Johnston Outstanding Engineering Geologist Award” at the Texas Section Fall Meeting.  Service to AEG includes the following positions:  Lone Star Student Chapter Officer (1986-1990), Washington Section Field Trip Coordinator (1991-1993), Texas Section Treasurer (2001-2003), Texas Section Vice-Chair (2004-2006), Texas Section Chair (2007-2009), Texas Section Past Chair (2010-2012), 2010 Shlemon Specialty Conference Chair on “Gulf Coast Subsidence and Sea-level Rise”, Governance Committee member (2010-2012), Section/Chapter Support Committee Chair  (2012-2016), AEG Strategic Planning Committee Co-Chair (2014 - 2016), AEG Secretary (2016-2017), AEG Treasurer (2017-2018), AEG Vice-President (2018-2019) and President (2019-2020).

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