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By Sarah Kalika

Sometimes you just want to hear people talk about science.  If you’re like me (unapologetic nerd, particularly about geologic topics) and find yourself looking for some geology-themed audio for your road trips, commute, or just to fill some spare time with learning - check out these geology podcasts and YouTube series!  These are available wherever you get your podcasts, with more information online at their individual websites.

The Nick Zentner Geology Podcast
Dr. Nick Zentner, Professor at Central Washington University, features discussions on geologic features and rock formations in primarily the Pacific Northwest.  His podcasts include field trip reviews, interviews with geologists and other scientist colleagues. If you listen to it from the beginning (early episodes in 2019) he begins with an overview of some introductory geology concepts (geologic time, relative age dating, and the rocks of North America), making this podcast a great one for students and seasoned professionals.

The Geology Flannelcast
Hosted by Chris Seminack, Jesse Thornburg, and Steve Peterson who met in grad school, this podcast is like sitting in your living room talking to your geology buddies.  The show is entertaining and often strays into some sidetracked (and hilarious) conversations.  Topics are varied and include discussions on geologic features across the United States and Internationally including the La Palma volcano in the Canary Islands and discussion on the formation of the Adirondack Mountains in New York.  Overall, a fun podcast and great for road trips.

Planet Geo
Hosted by Chris Bolhuis and Jesse Reimink (both award-winning professors of geology) host this lively and fascinating series featuring varied topics including overviews of National Parks such as Canyonlands and Arches.  Their series is entertaining and informative for geology students and seasoned professionals.  

Geology Bites
This podcast by Oliver Stremple features interviews with researchers and professionals who discuss their specialties and ways their work has contributed to a greater understanding of the geosciences.  Episodes include a discussion with Becky Flowers (Professor of Earth Sciences at University of Colorado at Boulder) who describes the work done in her thermochronology lab to measure radioactive decay within crystals in her efforts to figure out cooling history and Matt Jackson (Professor of Earth Science at University of California at Santa Barbara) whose research on mantle composition has revealed homogeneity among the “hot-spot highway” of the Western Pacific.  This podcast is great for the educated geologist and provides a peek into the variety of geologic research happening in Universities today.   

It’s Sedimentary, My Dear
A rocks and minerals podcast hosted by Ellen (a science enthusiast) & Jane (a self-described photogrammetrist with a background in earth science).  This podcast gives an overview of the rock-forming processes found on Earth, rock types, and even an episode on the different ways rocks can kill you.  Definitely a great one to share with your friends who share your enthusiasm for rocks and minerals.

This podcast by Jess Phoenix explores major disasters and how they happened.  Episodes include disasters such as the St. Francis Dam collapse, a disaster that claimed the lives of hundreds of people as the recently completed dam failed in the 1940’s.  This dam collapse is a favorite study area for geology undergrads in Southern California. 


Engineering Geology and Geotechnics - GeoEng 341 (on YouTube at S&T Cafe)
Not a podcast - but I can’t overlook the popular Engineering Geology YouTube channel by Dr. J. David Rogers of the University of Missouri at Rolla.  Rogers, a longtime AEG member, hosts this lively online course that is perfect for students and professionals interested in engineering geology or prepping for the ASBOG exam.

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Kailah Jenkins - Monday, December 12, 2022

Thanks for posting these! I really enjoy listening to podcasts during my drive to a work site. Do you have a favorite podcast?

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