Outstanding Chapter Award

Submittal of an Annual Report by the specified deadline will qualify a Chapter for consideration for the “Outstanding Chapter Award.” This award was established by the Board of Directors in 2001 to honor a Chapter of the Association judged to excel in a number of areas including Professional Activities, Communications, Membership, and Networking. The Outstanding Chapter will receive a $750 monetary award to be used by the Chapter.

Annual Reports and Applications are due on August 15.

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2002 – Utah Section
2003 – Rocky Mountain Section
              Runner-up: Sacramento Section
2004 – Oregon Section
2005 – Southwestern Section
2006 – Rocky Mountain Section
2007 – Oregon Section
2008 – Allegheny-Ohio Section
2009 – Carolinas Section
2010 – St. Louis Section
2011 – Carolinas Section
2012 – St. Louis and Washington Sections
2013 – Carolinas and Oregon Sections
2014 – Oregon Section
2015 – San Francisco Section
              Runner-up: St. Louis Section
2016 – Carolinas Chapter
              Runner-up: Texas Chapter
2017 – Carolinas Chapter and San Francisco Bay Area Chapter
              Runner-up: New York-Philadelphia Chapter
2018 – San Francisco Bay Area Chapter
             Chapter on the Rise: Nisqually Chapter
2019 – Puget Sound Chapter and Texas Chapter
             Chapter on the Rise: New York-Philadelphia Chapter
2020 – Carolinas Chapter and Texas Chapter
2021 – Nashville Chapter 
              Chapters of Distinction: St. Louis Chapter and Southern Nevada Chapter
2022 – Sacramento Chapter
              Chapter on the Rise: Oregon
2023 – New York-Philadelphia Chapter
              Chapter on the Rise: Great Basin