Lower Mississippi Valley



Chair: Lance Yarbrough 
Vice Chair:  
Treasurer: Frank Heitmuller
Secretary: Varun Paul

Other Chapter Positions

Membership: Ross Williams W:601-898-3358
Newsletter: Mike Seal  
Past Chair: Rebecca McGrew W: 662-387-5260
University of Mississippi
(Since October 6, 1989)

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Dr. Lance Yarbrough

Assistant Professor of Geology & Geological Engineering

W: 701-740-5558
Mississippi State University
(Since April 23, 2005)
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Dr. Darrel W. Schmitz
Department of Geosciences
President: Sarah Radencic @eternallearner P:662-268-1032, X229
Vice President Courtney Killian    
Secretary Mary Boyett    
Treasurer Cole Lenz    
Event Coordinator Regan Byrd   P: 601-862-8693
Graduate PR
Claire Babineaux   P:337-356-2316
Undergrad PR
Alesha Ray Jones @AleshaRay_WX  

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