Historical Documents 

Position Statement: AGAINST - SB01821 - Repeal of the Professional Geologist Licensing Act

Why to retain licensing of geologists, well drillers, pump service contractors by opposing SB1821/HB1969

Suggested Geology Practice Act

Model Law

Section Discussion Memo

PowerPoint - Outline for Section Discussions

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Arizona Licensure Threat Letter to Governor

Arizona Licensure Threat Letter to Representative

Arizona Licensure Threat Letter to Senator

HB2613 Opposition Letter to Committee Members


How California Citizens Benefit from a Geology Practice Licensure Act


Update on teleconference with IDFPR, Illinois Senate Republican Staff, and Sen Pamela Althoff regarding repeal of Professional Geologist Act. May 5, 2017

Successfully Resisting the Repeal of Illinois' Professional Licensing Act - The Chicago Way


History of Licensure in Oregon


The Value of Licensing Geologists in Texas: Background Information for SB 405

SAWS Letter to Sunset Commission

TXOGA Letter to Sunset Commission

AEG Letter to Sunset Commission

ASCE Letter to Sunset Commission

ASCE Sunset Letter to State Senator/Representative

ASCE Sunset Staff Report Letter (2018)

Opposition to abolishing the Texas Board of Professional Geoscientists and repealing the Texas Geoscience Practice Act

Calling Your State Senator or Representative


History of Geological Licensure - Washington State

Washington Licensure