Guidelines for Preparing Licensure Act


  1. Identify allies and adversaries to the licensure process.  Discuss issues and concerns.
  2. Identify the agency that would likely administer the licensure program, and meet with them to discuss  how the program would likely be administered, and the format they prefer for licensure bills.
  3. Select a model act containing the language and definitions desired (refer to “Model Acts” section), and fit the various clauses to the agency outline, where feasible (refer to Recommended Minimum Contents section for a checklist).  Since it is more difficult (and risky) to open an existing act after it becomes law, incorporating all desired elements into the initial bill is strongly recommended.
  4. If not already in place, develop a budget and funding strategy for lobbying.
  5. Select a lobbyist (refer to “How to Select a Lobbyist” section).  This should be done in concert with Step 4.
  6. Identify one or more sponsors (this could be done as part of Steps 1 or 5).
  7. Select an AEG Section coordinator to work with the lobbyist in arranging for appropriate witnesses for hearings, writing letters of appreciation for supportive legislators, purchasing flowers, etc.  The effectiveness of this coordinator can help to reduce the lobbyist time required and reduce costs.
  8. Identify an AEG Section person (can be coordinator above) to discuss issues related to specific language, make modifications as appropriate, and work with lobbyist to make changes.  Ideally, this would be the person who assembled the bill.
  9. Solicit letters and testimony in support of the licensure effort.  Letters and testimony should be brief and to the point.  While hearings should be well-attended, a limited number of individuals should testify (best determined by the lobbyist), since only a specified amount of time is allocated for each bill.
  10. Membership must be available and responsive to requests from the lobbyist, as needed.  Recognize that there are many steps in the process (refer to “Legislative Process” section), and active participation will be needed throughout in order to be successful.

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