Symposium on Dam Rehabilitation, Removal and Design

Speakers (In order of presentation)

Dam Rehabilitation, Removal and Design, Part I, Technical Session 3

  • Rogers, Gary – Geologic Reconnaissance for a Hydroelectric Facility in Southeast Alaska

  • Enzweiler, Kristen – The Importance of Accurate Geotechnical Baseline Drawings for Design of East Branch Dam Rehabilitation

  • Kottenstette, Joseph – Defining Removable Blocks in the Right Abutment of Seminoe Dam Using Photogrammetric Mapping Methods and Block Theory

  • Loar, Todd – Harvesting Clay Core Material for a Large Dam from Leach Cap Rock within an Active Mining Operation

  • Ball, Scott – Calaveras Replacement Dam Foundation Grouting Program

  • Rogers, Gary – Difficulties in the Characterization of an Old Rockfill Dam

  • Roman, William – Optimizing Foundation Drain Holes

  • Rutledge, Alex – Cobbs Creek Dam – Investigations and Alternatives Analysis

Dam Rehabilitation, Removal, and Design, Part II, Technical Session 8
  • Simpson, Brian – Photogrammetic Methods and Geologic Discontinuity Mapping for Seismic Key-Block Modification, Mormon Island Auxiliary Dam, Folsom Project

  • Allen, Rebecca – Geology is Risky Business: Case Histories of How Foundation Geology Impacted Risk Analyses

  • Goetz, Christopher – Fault Rupture Hazard Assessment for North Haiwee Dam No. 2, Haiwee Reservoir, Inyo County, California

  • Kemp, Christopher – LiDAR-Aided Fault Mapping for the Los Angeles Dept. of Water & Power North Haiwee Dam Seismic Hazard Improvement Project

  • Hayashi, Koichi – Application of Integrated Geophysical Method to Safety Evaluation of Dams

  • Peterson, Justin – Fault Investigation for a Tailing Dam in a Tectonically Active Region

  • Friend, Edwin – Using Risk Assessment to Guide Rehabilitation of Antero Dam

  • Snider, Frederic – Evaluation of the Safety of the South Fork Tolt Dam from Potential Rim Landslides, Cascade Range, Washington State – presented by: Robert Cannon

  • Abitew, Aymiro – Hydraulic Conductivity of Tailings Deposit Used as Dam Construction Material at Aitik Mine in Sweden

  • Schug, David – Geologic Characterizations of San Vicente Dam Raise, San Diego County, California

  • Walker, Scott – Evaluation of the Left Abutment Rock Mass at Cushman Dam No. 2, Mason County, Washington