Engineering Geology in the Remediation and Maintenance of Dams

Moderators: John Charleton and Terry Downs

Dams are among the Nation's most critical aging infrastructures. The Engineering Geology in the Remediation and Maintenance of Dams symposium presents recent case histories of the means and methods employed to identify the need for dam remediation, design sound, economically viable remedial alternatives, and construct the remedial alternative acording to best engineering practices.

Speakers(In alphabetical order)

  • Ballegeer, J. and Swank, M. – Raising Scoggins Dam, Shallow Landslides, Large Block Sildes and Fault Rupture 

  • Bomar, J. – The Next Generation of Foundation Remediation at Wolf Creek Dam

  • Deputy, K. – Fish Nets Aren't Just For Dressing Up Anymore – Yale Dam Fish Netting Installation

  • Friend, E., Bailey, B. and Prochaska, A. – Field Investigations for Design of a Grout Curtain at Success Dam

  • Greene, B. and Jorgensen, K. – Engineering Geology and the Construction of an Auxiliary Spillway for Folsom Dam

  • Nield, M. – Potential Sliding Failure and Anchor Design at Dover Dam

  • Rogers, J. – Hales Bar Dam and the Potential Pitfalls of Constructing Dams on Karst Foundations

  • Stanton, J. – Wolf Creek Dam, a 40-year Technological Evolution, Meeting the Challenge of Reducing Seepage through a Karst Foundation

  • Thacker, B. – Kingston Ash Facility Failure: What Caused It and Why It Matters