Geologic Considerations for the Evaluation of Dams

Moderators: Brian Greene, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Douglas Boyer, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, Marie Garsjo, National Resources Conservation Service, and J. David Rogers, University of Missouri – Rolla.
Geologic considerations play an important role in the design, construction, and maintenance of dams. This session discussed dam siting and borrow investigations, site investigation techniques, foundation grouting, and construction mapping. At existing dams, performance monitoring investigations, Potential Failure Modes Analysis (PFMA), other safety evaluations, and foundation improvement techniques were discussed. Links to presentations, when available, are listed below.
Speakers (In order of their presentation)
  • Goodman, R. – Keynote Address
  • Fraser, W. – Geologic Considerations for Dams
  • Loar, T. – Preliminary Abutment Stability Analysis for Tekeze Dam, Ethiopia
  • Shaffner, P. – Geological Characterization of Dam Foundation Blocks Using Digital Photogrammetric Mapping and Borehole Geophysical Logging
  • Greene, B. – Emergency Scour Repairs at Allegheny Dam 6 at Clinton, Pennsylvania
  • West, T. – Overtopping of Earth-Fill Dam in Southwest Indiana Yields Failure in Rural Area
  • Wendlandt, N. – The Use of Current Technologies to Remediate Seepage Issues at Wolf Creek Dam in South-Central Kentucky
  • Rose, R. – What's My DSAC? The Corps of Engineers' Martis Creek Dam, Truckee, CA
  • Dow, G. – Upper Taum Sauk Reservoir Foundation Preparation
  • Rogers, J. – The 2005 Taum Sauk Dam Failure: Lessons for All of Us
  • Rogers, J. – Importance of Engineering Geologic Characterization for Levee Foundations and Borrow Materials
  • Knight, M. – Seepage Remediation and Foundation Treatment at Clearwater Dam, Piedmont, Missouri
  • Friend, E. – Multiple Methods to Control Seepage
  • Masud, B. – Geological and Geotechnical Investigations of Bara Multipurpose Dam Project, Khyber Agency, Fata, Pakistan (A Case Study)
  • Charlton, J. – Comprehensive Foundation Rehabilitation at Bear Creek Dam
  • Schaeffer, M. – Red Mountain Bar Pumped Storage Project, Sierra Nevada Foothills, California: Feasibility Level Geological, Geotechnical and Seismological Investigations
  • Manley, T. – Red Mountain Bar Pumped Storage Project, Sierra Nevada Foothills, California: Geologic Structural Analysis and Fault Activity Evaluation
  • Schaeffer, M. – Red Mountain Bar Pumped Storage Project, Sierra Nevada Foothills, California: Regional Geology Overview and Site Selection Process
  • Riley, D. – Big Tujunga Dam Consolidation Grouting Program, Los Angeles County, California
  • Richards, K. – Critical Appraisal of Piping Phenomena in Earth Dams
  • Prochaska, A. – Subsurface Investigation and Foundation Design for a High Hazard Dam Spillway Control Structure
  • Aceves, A. – Hiding in Plain Sight – Using the Natural Landscape to Provide a Visual Barrier in Large Dam Construction
  • Michael, P. – Assessing the Potential of Future Breakthroughs of Impounded Coal Refuse Slurry into Underground Mines – The Effect of Slurry Flow Characteristics and Other Considerations